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Write to Heal

Write to Heal
One woman's physical and spiritual journey in search of finding her voice
Love & Belonging 1
By Leanda Michelle
Published by Sea Dream Press
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How do you make sense of your world?

Part memoir… Write to Heal is about Leanda’s physical and spiritual journey in search of finding her voice. Filled with heart and her Soul’s passion for creative expression, this is a love story of the parallel kind. Spanning the vast Australian landscape, it is only when Leanda says goodbye to her soulmate that she discovers her inner strength and belonging.

Part handbook… learn about the KAC Technique, the Chakra Narrative Story concept and other writing tips to re-write your life story and heal from the inside, out.


"I highly recommend this book on so many levels- to the person who is on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, the person who enjoys challenging their assumptions, and those who love to really know and understand the complexities of humanity and spirituality. This beautifully and skilfully written book is a great read and I could hardly tear myself away from it at time, such was my immersion. Leanda's story proves that life is not always a bed of roses and that following your heart and intuition is wise and brave. Thanks for writing this book Leanda and I can't wait to read another." Jeanette xxx

"I enjoyed the change between the memoir and Leanda's personal journey, showing the growth during difficult periods in life. I would recommend it to anyone having a difficult time in life, and believing they are alone. The author's strength is admirable." Sonia

"I read the book and loved it. So far i have finished my writing on the kinetic codes stories, i have learnt a great deal about myself and my journey so far. I was able to remember past details from when i was very young, and found out where, when and why i took on a belief that has not served me at all. Being aware of this belief is allowing me to change how i feel about myself." Terry

Paperback | Perfect Bound | 284 pages | $24.95 AUD | 5.500" x 8.500" | 9780992585822 | November 20, 2018