Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages
Leanda  Michelle

Leanda Michelle

Leanda is the author of four memoirs about love and belonging, one general non-fiction book, and has been a ghostwriter for one autobiography and editor and writerly guide for another. She also has poetry and a short story in anthologies and has written for magazine and newspaper bylines. Collectively, she has 24 years of writing experience and 11 years of self-publishing experience. Her latest novel explores the multidimensional being and stepping onto the path of purity.

Mark  Daniel

Mark Daniel

I believe we are living at an amazing time. That is why I am passionate about understanding my place in this world and finding meaning in our collective existence. Sometimes it can be hard to make sense of it all, but that's just part of being human isn’t it?

Having been a student of a thousand teachers, I have been blessed with the good fortune of learning from a wide array of sources and guides. Every discussion and experience profoundly influenced me and was less about acquiring new knowledge or skills and more about uncovering and remembering the interconnectedness of all things. Each discussion was filled with thought-provoking questions and a willingness to explore different perspectives.

Today, echoes of those conversations pop up in my life in the most fascinating ways. When they do, my wry smile and gentle laugh accompanies my mind as I say, "Of course."

Each one told me that miracles happen if one exists in the realm of miracles. Where magic seems to want to manipulate outcomes, miracles reveal the potential that can occur, and it is always coupled with understanding and wisdom, and love—mostly love.


Carina  Ramm

Carina Ramm


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