Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages

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Write to Heal
SKU: 9780992585822

Journey with Leanda as she travels the vast Australian landscape in search of love and belonging. Along the way, she must face an impending divorce and the loss of her soulmate.
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In Light of the Truth
SKU: 9780992585815

The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow yet it has the potential to propel us forward, to heal and transform our life for the better.
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intrepid Soul
SKU: 9780992585839

intrepid SOUL is a journey about birth, death and rebirth, and was thought to be the final book in the trilogy of memoirs that answered the author's questions about love and belonging... there was more to come!
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SKU: 9780992585846

Peel away the layers of your identity and discover the dream journeys that awaken you to the magic of your true potential.
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