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A writerly guide can assist a person in many areas of the writing process - offering support to those who want to write a book and don't know where to begin, help to navigate the publishing process and many areas a muse may question themselves on their writing journey.

Is Leanda the right Writerly Guide for you?

Leanda has 24 years of writing and self-publishing experience, holds a diploma in professional writing and editing and has self-published 5 of her own novels and 2 autobiographies - one she ghostwrote and the other she structurally edited and supported the author throughout to bring it into print. Leanda feels fortunate to have assisted several aspiring authors as well as those already established and finds the frequency of words and their meaning gives pause to enjoy the melody and poetry that words can portray.

Aside from authoring books and assisting people with their writing, her background is multidimensional: as a sound harmoniser/healer, her voice is an instrument through which nature speaks. She is a visionary, mentor and facilitator, and has worked in many vocations including the aged care field where she was a pastoral carer and lifestyle coordinator. Leanda lives her life with meaning as she supports those people who have come to Earth to create.


(While some fees are fixed, others are not. Reach out to connect and together we will tune into the right reciprocity $ for us both)
Online Writerly Guide Support Check-ins (15mins)

Structural Editing (p/hour rate)

Manuscript Read


Ordering ISBN and Barcodes

Referrals to Graphic Designers for your book cover

Templating/Typesetting in preparation for printing and eBook formats

Blurb for the Back Cover

Book Registration with Legal Deposit

Uploading of cover and print files to IngramSpark, Amazon and other platforms including entering keywords, categories, book and author details

Provide a list of where your books can be uploaded

Web Writing and more


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"Leanda’s Writerly Guidance while writing ‘Reset A New Standard of Living’ was very helpful. The insight and support was valuable in navigating the process. I highly recommend Leanda’s services.”  - Rhonda Blakeney

"Thank you once again for your support. I have enjoyed the journey we shared enormously. Although I no doubt will miss our involvement together I do have a sense of relief with the book's completion. I hope in the future my book will remind you of how anyone with a desire to write can achieve their goal with the right help. A signed copy will be on its way."  - John