Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages


Crossing the Bridge From the Old Ways to the New
By Leanda Michelle
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In a multidimensional Universe where we wake to our multidimensional being, we have the opportunity to glean many aspects of self through our dreaming.

Woven into the continuous thread of eternal life is the game of Knightsbridge. Enter the mythical tale or read it as an honest report as determined by you and become a time traveller to cross the bridge from the old ways to the new.

With no beginning nor end, it is a signature song sung in an elemental tune with nature as the backdrop. Are you ready to unlock your time capsule of truth and operate from the field of purity?

"Knightsbridge is a true tour de force. In truth, I have read many, many 'spiritual' and self-help (what an ugly word) books and I can say yours is well above most. They say the same things but yours is uniquely your voice. I go through some paras over and over --- the ideas sparkle!' - Dr. Peter Lim
Paperback | Perfect Bound | 190 pages | $24.95 AUD | 5.500" x 8.500" | 978-0-9925858-6-0 | November 9, 2023