Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages

In Light of the Truth

In Light of the Truth
Now is the Time to Remember
Love & Belonging 2
By Leanda Michelle
Published by Sea Dream Press
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Have you ever felt you don’t belong?

Have you sought love and it still eludes you?

Some life experiences leave an indelible scar. They permeate every cell of your being and shape your existence. Only when we seek our belonging in the world and commit to align to our Soul's purpose does an invisible force guide us back to our journey's path. Sometimes we need to be led back through the gates of history to witness an event through a fresh lens. Only then do we have the choice to move into a higher state of awareness where we can live in alignment with love and joy. Although moving forward can be fraught with uncertainty, standing still can be more distressing.

Now is the time to remember.


"Reading Leanda's memoir has affected my view on my own journey, illuminating places that I had sequestered in a quiet dark chamber." ~ Judith Robuliak (beta reader)
Paperback | Perfect Bound | 250 pages | $24.95 AUD | 5.500" x 8.500" | 9780992585815 | July 25, 2016