Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages


The Voice of Freedom
Love & Belonging 4
By Leanda Michelle
Published by Sea Dream Press
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Ever feel bound by the rules of humanity?

Do you yearn to break free?

Journey with Leanda in her quest to face the truth of her reality, her identity, and the role she is here to play on Earth. To determine her value she must remember her courageous heart so her confidence can soar to boundless heights. Through her dedication to being herself without compromise, she will traverse the clashing of different worlds where each becomes a reflection of her life, in isolation to selfless service, and back again.

The last, final, ultimate limit of it was clear. Her relentless desire to know would see her offer the world something of great value and teach through love. Can she find peace and joy in the perfection of it all? Even if she fails, it must surely be an improvement upon blank perfection sitting alone in the desert.


“Leanda continues her life journey in Boundless: The Voice of Freedom with an amazing blend of dream interpretations, spirit guide support and heartfelt, vulnerable reasoning to demonstrate an abundance of knowledge, truth and understanding that will help any reader to grow and evolve.” – Richard Ferguson

Paperback | Perfect Bound | 230 pages | $24.95 AUD | 5.500" x 8.500" | 9780992585846 | November 8, 2021