Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages

Mark Daniel

Amidst life's challenges, it's easy to forget humanity's achievements, such as our technological advancements, the fusion of ancient and modern spirituality, and how many of us are embarking on journeys of profound self-exploration. While encouraging, they also prompt us to redefine who we are as people.

I can tell you that in those times when I have been at the bedside for those who have left the body and present for those seeking a deeper understanding of life, I have found an undeniable truth; our lives are a gift, and no matter what we encounter in our time here, life is to be full. In these experiences, we see the interconnectedness of all things. That way, we can better accept life's strange, exciting, and often confusing dance moment by moment.

This is why, of the many titles I have had, the one that resonates with me most is "Guide." At first glance, it may seem vague, yet to me, it suggests so much more. It says that I have chosen to exist where others seek to explore and have become so comfortable with those spaces that I am willing to explore them with others. What is that place? Our unknowable future.

It means that in my fifty-plus years of travel and spiritual exploration, I've sought out and been mentored by countless teachers. Not one told me what the future holds. More importantly, each shared a way to embrace the future, see who we are, and walk to that good person in each of us.

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