Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages

Forty Four Prayers (Coming Soon!)

44 Prayers
By Mark Daniel

44 Prayers began as a single personal prayer. In March of 2020, Mark Daniel wrote a Spanish prayer to honour his relationship with the people and land of Costa Rica. What he received by writing it was then included within his daily prayers and morphed into soul exploration. This journey became a collection of insights about self, expression and our intimate relationship with Prayer. 
Mark has always seen Prayer as a centring, guiding and driving narrative in life. 44 Prayers is about you and your life. It offers ways to embrace personal change in a way that makes sense to you. Too often, many of us feel like we are being told how to be spiritual. We’re told what not to do, or how to do things better. 44 Prayers is more about what you can do and encourages you to see what is possible for you. These insights are about standing before Unconditional Love and saying, “ Here I am," no matter how you see yourself. As you read or listen, may you become your best version.
Adding to this collection is the art of Mark's friend New York artist, Choichun Leung. Choi brings many decades of multi-media expressions, such as paint, ink, and metals, into her creative process. Her pieces of art are a functional part of Prayer and are stunning to behold. Choi has explored her innermost self within 40 Days and is now in the Tree of Life. The blending of the written word with visual imagery to create form resulted in an exquisite harmony. Throughout the book's creation, both Mark and Choi experienced receiving the same message about what the prayers held for them .