Garnering Wisdom Through The Ages

Carina Ramm

Carina's life looks quite different from most people’s as she engages minimally with most external systems, societal and family expectations and regulations which appear unjust, nonsensical and outright surreal from the perspective of being human and living in a society of mutual support. From a very young age, she sensed deeply there was something not only very distorted and sad about how we live together, but also that we all can do so much better, be so much more, and build something truly beautiful. This turned out to be true.

Carina strongly follows her inner callings which she now recognises as nature’s intelligence operating through her – something we are all a part of. There is a clear sense of where she needs to be, and when and how she needs to engage with local communities as part of the worldwide transformation including the digital world and the website. She travels a lot, often leaping from one project to another, where her contributions are valued, before moving on. In this way, Carina supports what she would like to see more of on this planet and brings her frequency to many places and peoples.

As she predominantly lives through non-monetary exchanges, this path, while always clear, has continuously deepened throughout her life. She perceives dependency on the financial system for prosperity and happiness as limiting - often failing - resulting in much harm, and in these times of instability is simply dangerous. A biased system of gambling, built on non-human roots that do not support how we naturally thrive, Carina believes the time for change has come, and this is what she enjoys being part of.